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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Sluttery Travels: The Beer Moth, Scotland

I'm not quite ready to be back at work. My brain hasn't quite switched from festive laziness to 'wahey! 2012!' yet. I am a fug of Benedict Cumberbatch, red wine and the rubbish toffee sweets leftover from the Christmas stash, all wrapped up in a Slanket.

It's brilliant.

As I'm not ready to get out of my holiday head just yet, I thought I'd share this excellent little holiday destination with you.

The Beer Moth is a strange little destination. Just look at it. Yep. It's a hotel room on the back of a truck in Scotland. It's actually part of the famed Inshriach House in Inverness. The Beer Moth was rescued from the Manston Fire Museum in Kent and has since had a little bit of a makeover.

With oak floorboards rescued from a Tudor mansion and a Victorian bedstead in place, this isn't your average B&B. It's not even your average truck anymore.

Oooh, that chair is nice.

The Beer Moth has been refurbished with the most unusual of touches. The back wall is an old doghouse,  the hearth and fireplace an old snooker table slate. There was a stuffed squirrel, but he's gone walkabout. Lots of love has gone into this conversion. Lots of bizarre and bemusing love.

Yeah, that view is rubbish.

If you fancy waking up to this for a couple of days, The Beer Moth is available for booking via Canopy & Stars from February 16th. It's around £120-£135 a night at the moment and the price creeps up to £170 in August. It's the prettiest truck hotel I've ever seen.


  1. Ohhh canopy and stars. How you make me dream!
    Also, totally didn't read that as 'fug'..the words Benedict Cumberbatch make me go a bit wrong.

  2. Pretty lovely, huh? (The truck, and Mr. Cumberbatch)

  3. What a fabulous idea! Glamping at its best!

  4. Its really about 60 quid a night, minimum 2 nights, but it climbs a bit in the summer. Phew, glad we got that straight, was feeling all a bit pricey there.

    1. Walter, have we given the price for two night rather than one? We'll edit the piece if that's the case.


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