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Thursday 5 January 2012

Three little kittens

Mittens are impractical for many reasons. Kittens are well-known for losing theirs. You can't text in them. You can't pick things up. You have a heck of a job smoking a cigarette at a bus stop. I don't even think they're warmer than gloves. But I love them. Completely and totally love.

Today, I'm particularly taken with these from navy mittens from Louche. They've got string! Mittens for grown-ups never have string for your coat sleeves. Glove companies apparently think that we're old enough to look after our finger-wear and not leave them on the bus or drop them in a puddle. How wrong they are.

There might be an argument that grown-up women are too old to wear mittens at all, but I say pish posh to that. And besides, the navy and yellow gives them a preppy college quality. Just with added pompoms.

They're £10 from Joy and you'll never ever lose them. Frankly they're the cutest way to cut down on your smoking at bus stops.

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