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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Wrapping Paper Wednesday: Wordless

When I was a kid, I'd spend hours doing word searches. Hours and hours. I'd spend most Saturdays at my grandparents and they would buy me huge puzzle books full of them. I wouldn't stop until I'd circled all of the words. Usually by then the horse racing would have finished (boring) and tea would be ready (mince and chips, brilliant). I've moved onto crosswords now, but I do still love me a word search.

It seems the guys at Wordless had the same puzzle books as me, and they're putting word searches on everything. Who wouldn't want word search wrapping paper? It's frankly the only way to stop me from opening presents too early.

There are wordless cards too!

You can customise your paper and cards, so if I was sending Cocktail Nick a present, I could wrap it in gin n tonic paper. If I wanted to send Kat a card, I'd probably include Sharks and Zelda. It's not cheap to buy directly as they're not UK based, but Howkapow are hell bent on ensuring my crush on them lasts well into 2012 and you can buy a Wordless pack from them for £12.95.

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