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Thursday 2 February 2012

It will be all tights on the night

You don't need us tell you about how cold it is out there. And how you are probably wanting to spend your evenings under a duvet, wearing two jumpers and drinking hot tea (I am doing all three of these activities as I type this). However, there's a fine line between cosy and crusty, and your lounging look probably won't look too hot if you wore it in the cruel outside world. I'm convinced the answer to navigating that fine line lays with tights. Want to dress up but still stay toasty? Treat your legs to these leggy beauties.

Now these Pretty Polly tights pull of the tricky business of looking cosy and sexy. You get the joy of an opaque and a retro seam, with bow. They're £10 from Dorothy Perkins.

Bebaroque make some of my favourite tights in the whole world. Sadly they're also quite pricey so I watch their sale like a tight-wearing hawk. These Bonnie tights feature a beautiful gothic rose design and now are reduced to £23.80. Expensive for a pair of tights but worth their price in compliments I can promise you.

I firmly believe that glitter should be for life not just for Christmas. These ASOS colour block tights are sure to add sparkly to a grey day. Yours for £9.50.

Everything in the Teja Jamilla Folksy shop is stunning. If I had to pick one pair to see me through the rest of winter it would be these silver and black pirate tights. For  £16.50 they'd encourage you to go on some swashbuckling adventures rather than staying in and just watching them on the telly.


  1. Frances, where does the bow stop on the first pair? Is it the thigh or the calf? I can't tell from that picture.

  2. Love the Dotty P ones.

    Frances, we've taken to wearing Kirsty's brownie badge blanket in the office when we get especially cold.

  3. Siany, squinting at the picture on the website it looks like the calf, around 10cm (depending on leg length!) from the knee...

    Liz, I feel like there should be some kind of hibernation brownie badge!

  4. Tights with narwhals! My day is made.

  5. I agree about the colour block tights, they're fabulous. And I can't resist anything with a bow on!


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