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Thursday 2 February 2012

Sluttery Travels: The Hotel on the Park, Cheltenham

This isn't a particularly easy hotel to find online. Simply known as 'The Hotel', doing a Google search wasn't exactly coming up trumps. But I'd seen one photo that convinced me that the search was worthwhile and it turns out that the hotel is also The Hotel on The Park. This is the photograph that convinced me to keep searching:

TELLY BATH! You'd stay in there for hours, shrivelling up like a happy little prune watching old films. Snazzy bath not enough for you? Fiiiiiine. Take a look at the rest of the hotel.

Oooh, those chairs are lovely.

That bed looks so comfy. I wouldn't ever encourage you to jump on hotel beds, but I don't think you'd need much encouragement at all.

Monochrome not your thing? Here's a look at another one of the 12 bedrooms. That quilt is so pretty.

And if you've managed to drag yourself out of the telly bath (why? why would you do that?), that's what the rest of the hotel actually looks like. I definitely want to come here. Or put a TV in my bathroom.

Rooms start at £155 per night via Chic Retreats and includes breakfast, champagne and chocs and Acqua di Parma products. Goodness, it's like they don't want you to leave the room. That's absolutely fine with me.

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