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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Gin, now there's a temporary solution

I'm becoming a little bit of a Pinterest addict. It's basically very, very pretty procrastination. What I don't love is the barrage of 'inspirational' quote boards and pins. Just shush. Stop with the Oprah crap. My life isn't going to change because of some nice typography (although Linzie Hunter could do a pretty good job of changing my mind).

If the Domestic Sluts were to write their own inspirational slogans, they'd include "you make nice cake, it doesn't matter that your hair looks crap" or "196 unread emails is a fucktonne better than 200". This gin linoprint was brought to our attention by Bridget, one of our Facebook fans and it doesn't claim to change your life even a little bit. It just reminds you that there's not much that can't be temporarily improved by a gin 'n' tonic and a half hour sit down.

It's from This Costs a Bomb and it actually doesn't cost a bomb - even framed it's just £40.


  1. I would pay good money for the email one should it ever exist!!!

  2. Haha! I'm with you sister! And I love your inspiration thoughts. They keep me going, especially the one about gin!

  3. I love this artists work - this costs a bomb - worth checking out!


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