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Thursday 1 March 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: I know the Queen

Upcycling can go one way or the other. It either looks beautiful, and the design is more of a nod to the past than anything else. Or, it's a hot mess of crap thrown together and the designer was clearly crossing their fingers and ignoring the very wise 'less is more' rule. Luckily, new jewellery range I Know The Queen falls into camp number one.

I didn't know I wanted a headpiece until this week. I do. I want one like crazy. (But skull mannequins? Not so much.) They start at £64 and they're all one off designs.

It's so delicate, without being overly girly. I like that no one will have the same piece. This piece is £175 but the necklaces start at £69 at the moment. The prices just vary depending on what vintage pieces are being used.

I'm not totally taken with the bracelets (I rarely am, they jingle-jangle when I type). But I like this one very much. Prices start at £39.

Do you think the designers really know the queen? Maybe she's rocking her very own upcycled headpiece.

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