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Monday 3 September 2012

Clive Sefton's Brighton Wordsearch

I never, ever get bored of word searches. My grandparents used to buy whole books of them for me and I'd sit there for hours on rainy Saturdays, perched on the arm of my granddad's chair, circling the words while he kept one eye on the horse racing and football pools. I think Clive Sefton did the same (not with my granddad, obviously). He's the chap behind this wonderful Brighton word search screenprint.

There are 100 words all related to Brighton, just waiting to be found. I see James St, Queens Park and erm... Fatboy Slim.

Of course, the word search print wouldn't be any fun if you couldn't play with it. It comes with a pen that draws on glass (and wipes clean) so once you've framed it, you can circle away.

The print itself is available in two sizes, and you can buy framed or unframed from Bouf. Prices start at £90 unframed, but if you go straight for the already framed option, you can start playing immediately.

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