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Thursday 6 September 2012

Let Map Lamps Light The Way!

Vintage Map Lamp with 1920's Johnston's Motoring and Hiking Map, featuring The Isle of Wight, £45
I am a crazy woman for lamps. When I was 19, I had a not-at-all-hideous lamp in the shape of a goldfish. I now own two lamps made entirely out of decanters, a standard lamp from the 50s that basically has a limp, and a pink china M&S lamp that has a sort of vague Chinoiserie thing going on on the base. And if I were more of a geography fan, I would seriously think about one of these beautiful lamps from Brighton-based (I know! What is it about Brighton?) 5ftinf, which come with shades handmade by Philippa Stanton from old maps.

Vintage map covers lamp

For something a bit different, this lamp is made from a design using map covers from the 1900s to 1950s. I know it's wrong, but I've got a complete crush on the bookcase in the background. And that plant. I have inherited my mother's terrible talent for killing houseplants.

Vintage map lamp featuring Crystal Palace to Teddington
A pause to admire the lovely photos Philippa uses to sell her lamps. This is really good styling. Must work harder on own flat.

Vintage map journal from Battersea to Barnes
If you don't like lamps, but do like gorgeous stationery, Philipa decorates journals with old maps too. This one is mouthwateringly handsome.

Philippa's prices for everything are in dollars, but the lamps work out at just over £45 each, and £14 for a journal.  If you don't want to buy anything at all, just go and have a good perve at the lovely pictures in her shop.


  1. I love maps so much, I always want to use them as wrapping paper but can never bring myself to cut them so often people get an entire OS map of somewhere as free wrapping paper with their gift.

    1. For ages Oliver Bonas was selling a gorgeous map print wrapping paper....they maybe still have it. I couldn't bear to use it for gifts though so I used one sheet to cover what is now our holiday memory book and just put one in a frame!

      I'd love to collect up lots though and wallpaper with them!

  2. I was only just looking at a map light the other day and thinking the boy would love one, as a map obsessive. This is a very nice selection though....feel some shopping coming on!


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