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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Velvet

Velvet describes itself as a "lifestyle store", which roughly translates to "one of those shops you can drift around for hours, wanting All The Things". They've got two shops in Brighton and Hove, and a website you can lose an afternoon in.
Owl bunting, £12.50
This year, as a nation, we've embraced bunting. This wise patchwork owl bunting is made for the next Sluttery HQ party (our love for owls is getting out of hand).

Mini bag, £2.75

Unlike most lifestyle stores, not everything in Velvet costs a million pounds (and yes, Anthropologie, I'm looking at you and your £72 "picnic tray"). You could carry your lunch in this mini bag, or go on a tiny shopping spree.

3-tier cake stand, £28
I own this cake stand and can vouch for its ability to turn afternoon tea - or simply snacks in front of the telly - into a proper occasion. I love the mismatched plates and delicate gold patterns.
Respectable house door mat, £22
Fool your neighbours into thinking you're a respectable household. (They won't fall for it. They've seen the gin bottles in the recycling.)

Small black chandalier, £75
I don't know why the idea of a "small chandelier" is amusing me so much. It's the idea it's a very subtle chandelier. You'd barely notice it! Just pop it in the corner and it'll blend right in!

I haven't even told you about their ace furniture or their wedding shop. If you're in Sussex, drop into their shops on Bond Street in Brighton or Church Road in Hove to explore.

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