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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Hello Birdy: Suck UK Sylvester Bird Box

Let's not jinx this by saying it out loud, but it looks like summer is almost here. And, when the weather's sunny, what better outdoor activity than lounging in your garden with a glass of something cold and boozy, watching our cute feathered friends being mercilessly munched into oblivion by an oversized kitty?

Not literally, of course, because that would be a tad too macabre and probably gruesome enough to put you off your picnic. But if you're of a childish disposition and loved the cat-and-bird cartoon hijinks of Sylvester and Tweetie in your youth, you might also enjoy this Sylvester Bird Box, by the geniuses at Suck UK.

Hoodwink your wildlife into willingly flying into what looks like the jaws of feline death, but it actually a safe and warm nesting box, complete with cut-out cat face and perch. It includes a keyhole at the back for mounting to trees or walls, and a removable base so you can keep the birdies' boudoir spick and span. It's £20, from Urban Outfitters.

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