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Monday 7 November 2011

Sites we love: Brain Pickings

Yesterday, I learnt about Harris tweed. I also learnt about tattoos inspired by science (and consequently a deadly cat parasite). Before I'd even finished my morning cuppa. Today I found myself reading about the wonderfully happy little world that is Pixar. My brain is being filled with brilliant stuff. This is all probably stuff that I'd type into Google at some point. But not long ago, I found Brain Pickings.

Brain Pickings is totally rocking my world at the moment. It's about nothing and everything all at the same time. It's smart without being elitist, it explains the complicated stuff without being patronising. It makes stuff I've paid no attention to previously absolutely mindblowing. Now I've found Brain Pickings, I seem to wind up there every other day or so. Just reading and nosing about. Discovering fascinating art and science things, reading about interesting people and cultures. Being pretty much amazed by the world. As editor Maria Papova says, Brain Pickings 'brings you things you didn't know you were interested in until you are'.

I am indeed interested. Brain Pickings is one of the reasons the internet exists. It's utterly fascinating.

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