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Friday 4 November 2011

Sluttishly Snug: DUO Elm over-the-knee boots

To say I'm picky about boots is something of an understatement: I spent FOUR YEARS of bootless winters while I searched for the right pair.

Part of the problem is having massively long legs: most boots come halfway up the calf, if that, which just looks a bit rubbish. I really wanted black boots that ended right under the knee. The solution to that was to buy over-the-knee boots! Deadly serious! I bought a pair from DUO, who I worship unconditionally because a) they do size 9s and b) they sell all their shoes and boots in three widths so you can get the right one.

Their boots are spectacular too, because you choose according to your calf measurement. So, whether you've got lovely plump calves or slim jim legs, your boots will fit you perfectly. I've worn mine to death, but despite some utter fool standing on them on the Tube on Monday and snapping the heel, they have survived beautifully.

The Elm is the closest current model to my beloved black burglar boots, and has a lovely sheepskin lining to keep you cosy during winter. £205 is a hefty outlay, but these will last you forever. Enjoy!

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