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Friday 4 November 2011

Spreadable 'Nduja by Unearthed

Being a Domestic Slut means that sometimes you get odd emails. "You're getting some spreadable sausage" being one of them. I was curious. I like sausage and I like things that you can spread - it generally means you can eat it on toast which is one of my favourite ways to eat things. And so, I got a sample of Calabrian 'Nduja, one of Unearthed's new spreadable sausages (they also do a chorizo).

It looks a bit like paté but isn't as smooth. My first taste test was, but of course, to spread it on some hot buttery toast. And boy, is it tasty. Over the past week or so, it's become my go-to snack. You only need a bit of it so it lasts fairly well. The 'Nduja has a nice amount of spiciness to it - it's not too overpowering but gives enough of a kick to make it interesting.

Unearthed suggest using it as a topping for a crostini if you're having a party, which would certainly work. When I wasn't scoffing it on toast, I mixed some with some sour cream and parmesan to make a sauce for some pasta. It was quick and tasty which is sometimes exactly what you need. I think I'm going to use the rest to pep up a regular tomato and basil sauce. I like that it seems quite innocuous but can be rather versatile.

You can find Unearthed food in Waitrose, Ocado and Abel and Cole. The 'Nduja costs £2.19. I'm off to get some more.

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  1. I just snorted Green tea all over my keyboard at the "your going to get some spreadable sausage line".


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