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Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Technicolour Dream Coat

It's cold. I need a new coat. I can't decide what colour I want. Here are the best colourful numbers on the high street.

Maybe I want red? (OK, I reckon this belted coat is verging on pink, but I like it. It's £120 from Warehouse.

Or yellow? This probably isn't going to keep me very warm in a month. But as long as the sun is still shining, I can wear this little checked jacket. It's £44.99 from New Look.

Pink? How special is this pink 60s swing coat from Oasis? It's £95 and it'll make you feel like Doris Day.

Green? This is such a stunning green. I don't wear green very often, but I'd wear this. It's £100 from ASOS.

What about orange? I think I've discovered that nice orange coats aren't easy to come by. Orange in coat world, just means brown. But this collarless coat from French Connection is a thing of beauty. It's also £180. Dammit.

Purple? The model might look half asleep, but this purple coat from Next is pretty gorge. Love the piping. It's £90.

Or blue? I love the contrasting lining on this blue mac from Jonathan Saunders at Debenhams. It's £99.

This might just be the most colourful blog post I've ever written. I think I'm going for the purple one.


  1. I've been eyeing up the green ASOS one for months.

  2. The shape of the orange one makes me happy. If only I could only wear orange.

  3. I've had my eye on that red one for a while. Might get it next weekend as it looks like Winter is finally here oop North.

    I do love the pink one a lot but nfortunately as I get still ID'd at the ripe age of 30, I think it's best I avoid baby pastel pink.

  4. (that wasn't a boast by the way. It's very, very annoying to be told you look 16 by an 18 year old. Grr.)

  5. I have the purple one, it's fabulous!


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