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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Put your feet up and have a biscuit

When one of our sponsors, Hunkydory Home, tweeted about these custard cream footstools I demanded details immediately (our sponsors have the best stuff in their shops). They weren't even on the website when I started pestering. But they are now, and I want one.

Created by British illustrator Simon Lewis, there's something very 'put your feet up and have a biscuit' about them (which is good, since I've actually put my back out and can't really do much else other than put my feet up). They're £95 each and they've made me smile today in my painkiller-addled haze.

They've also made me want Custard Creams. Maybe Hunkydory Home will send me some of those too.


  1. I'm not sure buying this stool would be a good idea for me... I would want to be raiding the bikkie box for a custard cream all the time!!


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