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Thursday 5 January 2012

Sock it to me

When we visited the Bookseller Crow last year for a book signing, he gave us mulled wine as we ran about the shop reading picture books and chit-chatting. Much fun was had. And then I spotted something behind the counter. Socks with dinosaurs on. I have NEVER wanted a pair of socks more. But alas, they were not for sale (this is a very special kind of bookshop, you see - people send presents because they like it so much). Instead I had to have a little hunt for Sock It To Me socks in the UK and found them at Super Fat Laces.

Birds + teal = happy feet.

These glasses socks were my favourite...

...but then I saw this key design.

Sadly, there are no dinosaur socks. But, with Van Gogh wrapped around your toes, that doesn't seem to matter so much. Each pair of socks is £5.70 and so much nicer than the tatty ones I'm wearing right now. That bookseller knows his socks as well as his books.


  1. The Fox in Socks ( who you've mentioned before also do some of these - definately the bird on a wire and the glasses. I'm currently lusting after their giraffes and le chat noir ones - but I do rather like these van gough ones they don't have too!

  2. Are these the dinosaur socks you mention?

  3. I'm so excited right now. They weren't there yesterday! My feet will be so happy. I will probably spend too much time making dinosaur noises, but I'm OK with that.


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