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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Smell like Conran

Ask me to think Conran and first of all I think of the lovely Conran shop and exactly what I'd buy from there when I win the lottery. Then I might think of some nice chairs or tasteful kitchen utensils. But toiletries had never crossed my mind until I was sent some items from the new Conran bath and body range. Recently launched, it includes everything from hand cream to body scrub. It makes sense: why not well-designed toiletries to fit into a well-designed life?

My first thought on receiving the packages was "oh, it reminds me of CK One." That's perhaps not the best immediate reaction to a new launch but it was kind of a compliment: paired-back good-looking bottles, unisex, scents that are given a number (range '1' and '2') rather than a name. However, these Conran goodies are impressive through their substance with chunky tubs and bottles and a weight I'd probably associate more with food storage jars rather than toiletries.

I liked the way that the bottles looked in my bathroom - the green of the jars and bottles I sampled from range 2 looked fresh and clean, and the orange trim stopped it looking too 90s and my usually unobservant flatmate actually bothered to ask me about them. That wasn't the only comment on them either, as several work colleagues asked me what I was wearing, sniffing the scent after walking past my desk. That was the result from just using the bath wash and the moisturiser. While I normally go for quite girlie fragrances, this scent was a nice change. Containing lemon, green stems and mandarin, it smelt slightly heavier, and perhaps slightly more blokey, than you might imagine than those ingredients to be together (range 1 is probably even more potent as it contains cardamom, pepper and nutmeg).

My head had a little problem getting round the fact these were toiletries from a design brand, rather than a beauty company. I was especially suspicious of the body lotion: I suffer from quite dry skin and am using to coating myself in layers of thick creams. This Conran cream was light and runny and looked like it might not be up to the job. In fact, after application, I probably had the softest skin I'd had for a very long while. Reviews of the hand cream and shower gel on the John Lewis website seem to tell of similarly satisfied customers.

The range worked in term of looks, fragrance and doing what it was meant to. I'd tried it out before even looking at the price. I'm glad I did as the price may well have clouded my opinion: the bath wash is £16, the hand cream is £12 and the body lotion I'd become so attached to is £26.

I don't think a £26 body lotion would ever be part of my daily routine. But I do think this range would be a great present for any vaguely stylish dads, boyfriends and brothers you may have. Your bathroom will look a lot prettier for having these in there, the men in your life will smell much better, and then you can nick it and use it too.

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  1. Lovely review. I'd be sorely tempted to buy the lot if it wasn't a millionty pounds. Might try the hand cream in the hopes it'll sort out my poor weather-beaten hands.


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