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Monday 5 March 2012

Etsy Pick: The French Artisan

This weekend I am moving house and it's a big deal this time. I'm moving in with the boyf. Despite being knee-deep in cardboard boxes and bin liners I am busy filling my head with home design ready for the great big nesting endeavour I am about to embark on. I cannot wait to fill my house with pretty things. 

It is no secret that I am in love with beautiful vintage homewares and this delightful Etsy shop has some fantastic French pieces. Based in London, Jens and Lise of the French Artisan share a range of industrial and rustic vintage homewares that would add great interest to the home.

I love this striking copper pot. It has a good amount of dent and fade to add perfect rustic charm to the kitchen. It is £31 which is a bargain price for copper these days.

This enamel pot was originally a soap dispenser attached to a wall, but you could easily style it to display your favourite flowers. It is in lovely condition and costs £22.

An unusual wire storage basket was originally a salad spinner. I love the idea of spinning wet salad around my kitchen in this contraption. But maybe you could just hang it on the wall and fill with pretty vegetables. It is £25.


  1. I have one of those wire baskets, I had no idea it's a salad spinner! I use mine to collect my hens' eggs!

    1. Awesome. I love that it is so multi-functional.

  2. The enamel pot, 'a soap dispenser', is actually an enema pot, hung from the wall with a rubber tube attached to that plug thing at the bottom to the bottom! As seen on Call the Midwife and Attonement.

  3. I love etsy also! I have had to put myself on a ban because there are so many cute antiques like the ones above. Great blog v. interesting


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