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Thursday 1 March 2012

Magnetic attraction: Mrs Eliot books

Do you remember those coloured name tags? Those woven tapes with your name on them that were sewn inside every single piece of school uniform you owned? Though I remember them as being  embarrassing (I'm not exactly sure why I found them embarrassing, but I did), like most school days things I now look back on them with fond nostalgia misted eyes. That's why I love these magnet sets from Mrs Eliot Books: woven tape mounted onto fridge magnets that state things that are far more useful than your name...

There's a shopping list set for example. Lollipops, jelly babies and apple martinis: that's my ideal kind of supermarket sweep. 

Rather appropriately there's also a school list. While it includes a P.E. Kit, a packed lunch and a note from your mum, a magnet about remembering your homework seems to have been joyfully forgotten.

Most of all, I like this I like set. Karaoke and a nice cuppa tea - it's like Mrs Eliot Books has been hanging out with us Domestic Sluts for far too long.

Even better is that the I Like magnets are also available in a cute brooch set. The 'I Like' badge comes in every set, then you get the chance to decide exactly what it is you like for the second badge, with a choice that ranges from 'daydreaming' to 'singing show tunes'. I repeat, it's like Mrs Eliot Books has been hanging out with us Domestic Sluts for far too long.

The brooch set costs £15, while the sets of fridge magnets cost a very reasonable £5 each, so no excuses for forgetting to buy one.

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