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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Making An Analogue Timeline

So, Facebook have introduced this Timeline thing which effectively turns it into an online diary or yearbook which is all well and good but it's just not as pretty or personal as doing it with paper. And sometimes, maybe you just don't want to share everything with everyone. That's where making an analogue timeline comes in.

The most obvious and old school way of having an analogue timeline is to keep an actual journal. Rather than a diary which can seem a bit angsty teen or efficient organisation, I like the idea of using a journal as a mental mind dump in much the same way as Facebook and Twitter can be but with the added benefit of being able to add doodles. I'd use a leather bound one like this one from The Paperie.

Amalfi leather bound journal, £29.95

If you wanted to be a bit more whimsical, these Good Night sheets by Knock Knock would be perfect. They're not just for kids. I want to dream about rainbow coloured dinosaurs.

Good Night pad, £5.95
What about all the photos? There's a lot to be said for looking at printed photos rather than on a laptop slideshow. How about one of these custom made albums by Lizzie Made on Etsy?

Custom made photo album, approx £39
Treating your baby or travel snaps to something custom made makes them seem a bit more special and you might be more likely to look at them which is how it should be.


  1. I like this. I think I need to start printing photos - it's like having books and records, half the fun when I was growing up was finding old photo albums, nicking my parents records and borrowing their books - I like memories to be tangible!

  2. I can't live without my diary. Literally. Kept a page a day now for over twenty years : ) Something magical happens in my head when I put pencil to paper. I'll always do it. x

  3. Wow, I wondered why lots of folks had come to my shop, looking at this album! Thank you for including me in your great blog. So glad I have now "discovered" you, I will be a regular visitor from now on!

    1. You're welcome, Lizzie! Nice to have you aboard the good ship Sluttery.


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