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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Man-Friendly Candles from Timothy Han

When Timothy Han sent me one of their masculine-scented candles, I realised I needed to do some market research. They say that men will like these fragrances as much as women, so I forced some male friends to assess the oakmoss and vetiver scented candle for me:

"Vetiver? Like....the band, Vetiver?"
"The only time a man should light a candle is if there's been a power cut. And if there's been a power cut, he's not a real man."
"Yeah, it's all right." [after further probing] *shrugs* "It's ok."
"Men don't buy candles."
"If a man's comfortable with, and indeed interested in, buying a scented candle, he's just going to buy a scented candle. He doesn't need one for men. Sorry."
"It's grey, at least. That's a man's colour."

As you can see, their emotions range from indifference to vague distrust. What can we conclude from this? Almost nothing. THANKS FRIENDS.

So while I was crossing them off my Christmas card list at home, I thought I'd review it instead. I'm not a big candle fan, so when I say that I loved this one, I really mean it. It's smoky and earthy and perfect for late night conversations with a glass of red wine. The scent is subtle rather than overwhelming, creating a gentle atmosphere rather than giving you a headache. I didn't really notice it til I left the room and then came back in, which I think is perfect - I like scented candles to sink into the background rather than be the first thing to hit you. If you don't like overly sweet floral fragrances, then give it a whirl.

Buy one from Timothy Han for £38, which will give you 50 hours burn time. Their other masculine candle is tobacco and jasmine, but check out the full range to find one you'll love.


  1. My teenage son likes coconut and cookie smelling scented candles, anything to make his bedroom not smell like wet socks and teenage B.O is good for me so I buy them for him!

    1. Good stuff, Anonymous! Maybe this candle could be a birthday present if he's been very good?

  2. 38 quid????? You must be joking! I don't know any man who is going to spend that much on a scented candle... no matter how long it burns for. And I'm certainly not going to - I'd rather spend the money on buying him a decent cologne and whack a splash of it into an oil burner... at least then it can be worn as well as sniffed at.


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