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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Top Ten Gin Recipes

Of all this boy's poisons, gin is his favourite pleasure. My first post here was about my perfect martini (Dukes Bar is still my hallowed church) and in the last couple of years I've had the luxury of being at the centre of a gin renaissance with countless small batch distilleries popping up to quench my juniper thirst. There are some real gems lurking around in the Sluttery archives and here's my top ten

Sophisticated, classy and perfectly simple. If you like gin this should benchmark the bar you're drinking in, if they can't shake this its time to move on.

Gin Sour
A classic and a great way of learning the basics of balancing sweet and sour. It's the cornerstone of countless other cocktails.

If you don't mind bitterness this is the taste of summer.

Clover Club
A raspberry hit with a delicious lip tingling foam.

With blackberries dominating this drink, the flavours are distinctly autumnal but the fresh lemon hit makes it a perfect anytime drink.

Corpse Reviver
If you're feeling the worse for wear the aniseed hint of the absinthe rinse and tartness of the lemon is a total panacea.

Ramos Gin Fizz
In writing it's a bizarre recipe but the egg white and sparkling water make an incredible long drink.

Ivy Gimlet Royale
Sparkly, tart and adult this is a great twist on a traditional gimlet.

The Business
Much like a bees knees, the lime and honey marry perfectly in this one.

It's a gin cocktail named after a musical and its ingredients can't help but sing. Raspberries, lime and ginger ale all work perfectly in another long and sippable drink.


  1. Thats the weekend sorted then, thanks Nick!

  2. Wow. In my favourites.

  3. I am going to make myself a Ramos Gin Fizz tomorrow night, since I adore cocktails w/ egg whites (Pisco Sours, being one of my favorites). And I need to perfect my gimlets.

  4. Where's the French 75? Gin, champagne, lemon juice & sugar - one of the best ever gin cocktails.

    1. That recipe is in our book, Kate!


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