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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Bats in the Sky

Three things that are good about Halloween:
  1. Watching scary films.
  2. The day after Halloween when all of the witch-shaped chocolates are half price.
  3. Reading Point Horror books.
Three things that are bad about Halloween:
  1. 'Sexy' costumes. Why can't I just be a really scary zombie?
  2. Getting the train to a party in said sexy costume.
  3. Trick or treating kids knocking on the door every five minutes and ruining your scary film.
I stay firmly on the fence when it comes to Halloween.

I'm less on the fence about laundry. Hate it. I sometimes go shopping instead of doing laundry (don't pretend you've never done that). So I figure that pegging my laundry with spooky bat pegs over Halloween is the best plan. Especially because they also hang upside down and that always makes me giggle. Like all of the silly stuff that I love but don't really need, they're from Suck UK and £2 each.

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