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Thursday 11 October 2012

Tools for an imaginative life

If the recent Domestic Sluttery film screening of the NeverEnding Story taught us anything other than Luck Dragon cocktails are delicious, it was to remember the importance of using our imaginations.

Now that's all very well when you've been handed a magic book and your own dragon, but how do you work out how to use your imagination if you're not very good at using your imagination? Well, and I'm not totally convinced this is the moral we were meant to learn from the film, you can always buy it. Non believing?  Here are three fabulous kits designed to help you onto the imagination superhighway.

First cast your lot in with these Magic and Fairytale dice. They're nine wooden dice, each decorated with illustrations by Hannah Waldron. There's witches and spooks, toads and four leaf clover. And it's up to you how you string those things together. That's a whole lot of storytelling possibilities for £9.95.

This Dream Transfer Kit describes itself as what to reach for when you need 'that sprinkle of magic to make things happen'. It's a candy-coloured set of transfers to help you design your own superhero logo, complete with fantastical animals and shooting stars. What's even better is the story behind the company who make the kit. The Dreamer's Supply Company pair up professionals with young people to make dream-realising products. Take a look at their Quotea and Creative Sparks kit too. The Dream Transfer Kit is £14.

Finally, The Household Box promises both practical and poetic ways to enjoy your home life. £19.95 buys you a lot of colourful signs and a booklet which encourages you to do things like transform your home into a Buddhist cave or a hotel. I'm not totally convinced it will change your life but it's a lot more fun than coming back from work and simply sticking the telly on. And Bastian definitely would approve.

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