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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Sluttery Travels: Terrific Towers

Fairy tales, Rapunzel, countryside adventures with knights on horses and great views. That's what towers make me think of. I do love a tower. We've written about a couple before - I adored staying in Peters Tower in Devon. It might be tiny, but it's one of the most unusual places you could ever hope to stay in. The fact that it sort of has a little private bay makes it even more awesome. And I'm itching to stay at Appleton Tower very soon.

There are towers all over the rest of the country, just waiting for you to be all 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair'. Don't pretend you're not going to do that.

This is The Water Tower in Truro. It looks like something straight out of the BBCs Merlin, doesn't it? It only sleeps two and not only do you get all of that gorgeous Cornish countryside, there's a beach nearby as well. It'll cost you around £350 for two nights via National Trust Cottages, depending on what time of year you go.

That view is totally perfect. Devon is really, really good at towers. This is Yannon Tower, and I'm almost certainly going to move in. Until I've convinced them that's a good idea, you can rent the tower for a week from as little as £750. That sounds pricey, but it can sleep ten and that's just a tenner per person per night. Check out UK Cottage Rentals for more information.

This is the interior for Beckford's Tower in Bath. Stunning, isn't it? Orange walls and blue curtain things work surprisingly well together. You can get four in this tower, and it's £704 for three nights via The Landmark Trust.

Look! Over there in the distance! I bet so many people strolling about Dorset have spotted Clavell Tower without even realising that you can stay there. That doesn't stop it being mega popular, though. It's booked up until January 2014. If you want to stay here, you've got to be quick off the mark (and patient). Its £369 for four nights from The Landmark Trust. They're brilliant at towers. They've also got the very famous Martello Tower (is that a tower? it's not very tall), and lesser-known Lutrell's Tower in their collection.

OK, now this isn't a tower that you can stay in. But I like this little place. Paxton's Tower Lodge is the house next to Paxton's Tower - Landmark Trust have teamed up with the National Trust so both building get looked after and restored. You can't stay in the tower itself, but the lodge is adorable.

See those stairs? They're in the exciting (and almost certainly haunted) Tower of Halibar in Scotland. This sounds like a a historical fiction novel so it's my absolute favourite. There's probably an ancient tale of horror and mystery. It's about £700 a week, for seven people. Including me, please. I saw it first.


  1. Don't forget Freston Tower in Suffolk - another Landmark Trust property, so you can stay it. It has superb views of the river Orwell - it may have been built as a merchant's lookout to see ships sailing into the port of Ipswich.


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