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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Sluttery For Kids: Animal Slippers by Graham & Green

I'm going to warn you now - these slippers are only for very small people. This will cause pain and anguish and cries of "Why should they get all the cool stuff?!?!" That is because these slippers are the most ridiculously cute things I've seen in a while. Well done Graham & Green. Well done.
Ridiculous. I want them all.
Little animals! With silly faces! To go on tiny feet! It is all too much. I think Coco Cow and Finlay Fox are my favourites but then how could I dismiss Ruby Rabbit and Darci Donkey? I must buy all of them!

I won't though. They're £20 a pair. These are very much a treat to buy if you're up at 3am for what feels like the millionth night in a row and you just want to sleep and why god does the baby not want to sleep but think how cute they'd look in little slippers. Yeah, I've made those kind of purchases. Or, if you want to find something lovely for a friend's baby, they'd make a perfect present. They're sized 0-1yr and 1-2yrs so older children and us have to miss out.


  1. Why do they get all of the cute stuff?!

  2. It's the tails. I keep looking at the fox tails. I love them.

  3. TOO cute! It makes me want a baby just so I can put her in Coco Cow slippers!!


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