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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Black cats for Halloween (or any day)

I want to share a secret with you. *whisper* I'm not hugely into Halloween. I'm more about Bonfire Night - bring on the Parkin and the fireworks please. If I have to make one concession to the ridiculous occasion, it might be to wear something black cat related about my person (not a very big concession admittedly, I'm quite into cats all year round).

Now, black cats - do you think of them of good luck? Or bad luck? I'm firmly of the former option: if a cute black cat crosses my path and I get to have a sneaky stroke I'd consider myself very lucky indeed. These socks from Dorothy Perkins definitely are playing up on the spooky thing but are available for a very non-scary £2.25.

Here's another thing you could wear as an alternative halloween outfit. Or if you just like cats. Or if you need to tell the time. Urban Outfitters are selling this cat face watch for £26. Be warned: its subtlety may be lost on trick or treaters.

More sneaky small cats, this time in the form of a ring from Lazy Oaf. It's also available in white and yours for £16.

The kitty cat print on this Feline Karma dress is too cute to resist, though typical Anthropologie pricing means that I might have to (it's £118). The print is by the very talented Leah Goren, who has plenty more cats in her Etsy store, including a gorgeous version of this dress for kids.

Come tomorrow evening, in my dream world, I'd be stepping out on the town in a pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. In reality, I'll be more than happy to be cosying on down in these Topshop cat slippers. Only £14, I think they're the cat's whiskers AND the cat's pyjamas. They probably won't be leaving my feet until 5 November.


  1. Oh, I love the watch! I didn't spot it at first. How cute.

  2. I didn't spot it at first either.I love them all especially the ring.pretty.<3

    1. My favourites are the sneaky, hiding cats, so the watch and the ring. Though I do long for the day I can afford to buy a piece of Leah Goren's work.


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