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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Halloween Roundup

Halloween Hoorays! It's finally here: the day all that maniacal witch cackling and zombie face gurning you've been bottling up all year can finally come bubbling out in all our slightly batshit bonkers glory.

We're guessing you've got your fancy dress suitably fancified already, but what about everything else? Never fear (well, do, otherwise Halloween is no fun) - we have a roundup of everything you could possibly need for the most ghoulishly glamourous time.

The food

Hands up who hasn't made Sara's bat biscuits yet? Ten points from Gryffindor. Bat-shaped food is my favourite thing ever, closely followed by adorable gingerdead skeletons. If you prefer slightly soppier Halloween eats, Tesco do these dinosaur cutters for £4.50 (I just want them all year round).

Caleigh has been her usual gluten-free genius self and created pumpkin ice cream and if you're wondering what else to do with your lantern's innards we've got a list of our top ten pumpkin recipes. Caleigh also found these adorable bat ice cream and cake decorations from John Lewis. Are we allowed to eat them straight out of the jar? Silly question.

If you're too busy face-painting to bake spooky treats, you can pop into Hotel Chocolat and grab a Boo Box of freaky-shaped chocolates to munch, as well as a chocolate skull and the charming Count Nibblia to sink your teeth into. River Island also do gruesome black vampire mints for only two quid - quite frankly, I just want them so I can keep the tin.

The booze

We have halloween cocktails a-plenty for you to choose from: a chocolate-orangey Count Dra-Kahlua is perfect between bouts of apple bobbing, we've found. You can also hold a glass of Elizabeth's fiery Vodka Nightmare in one hand while using the other to squeeze the nearest available person/cushion during a scary film - that's multi-tasking at its best.

Warm your post-trick-or-treating bones with a Pumpkin Martini, or feel both grossed out and tipsy with Hazel's amazing eyeball jellies.

The home

Alright, we've probably all got some of that pumpkin confetti, window-sticker spiderwebs and black and orange balloons thing going on (there's nothing wrong with some tacky halloween decorations, I say), but there's plenty more out there and it doesn't have to be pricey: I'm slightly in love with Poundland for bringing me a skull and bone ice cube tray for just a quid.

M&S are also spooking it up with bat string lights for a fiver, or Matalan's bat tealights are perfect to light up eery corners while you tell ghost stories. If I've got time to get to John Lewis I'm shamelessly tempted by the spider's web candelabra for £12, and Halloween is the perfect time to treat myself to this  slightly ridiculous black cat kitchen timer from Tesco for £10.99.

The freakish fashion

We've brought you Lilly Von Pink for all your face-painting needs, but if the idea of a costume doesn't tickle your fancy there's plenty of other ways to get into monster mode in a more subtle way. For those wanting to keep snug, Frances found us Dorothy Perkins cat socks (among other catty goodness), and New Look have a - wait for it - PURPLE BAT ONESIE! It's £22.99 but that's money well spent in my books, plus it gives you ample room to do all the tricky bits of the Thriller dance.

The animal face tees we mentioned this week are horrific enough, but if they're your thing you can halloweenify the idea with this black cat tee from Topshop for a crisp twenty.

In fact, Topshop's entire Halloween range is enough to make you look fierce in more way than one: I'm torn between the ridiculous glow in the dark cobweb leggings (£22) and the so-weird-they're-actually-quite-pretty skull arch drop earrings (£8.50).

Other attractive Halloween shinies come from River Island in the form of this bug brooch for £7, and New Look's very odd (and very cheap) £2.99 eyeball earrings.

Sian has already shown us some sexy black dresses that would suit the occasion, but I've fallen back in love with Miss Selfridge thanks to this uber-sexy red devore velvet maxi-skirt for £35. Ideal for slinking and swooshing.

I'm pretty sure someone needs to make it Halloween more often.

Update! We've had some late entries! Check out our creepy wallpaper finds (Maleficent wallpaper!), black lace lingerie (to be worn under your outfit at all times, no Slutty Nurse outfits thank you) and some of the most haunted hotels in England.

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