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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Sluttery by Post: The Willoughby Book Club

It's getting dark early and I don't want to go outside. The pub sounds appealing but once I've left the office all I'm thinking about is going home, drowning in mashed potato and gravy and spending the evening with a good book (currently The Mystery of Mercy Close for Sluttery Book Club).

We've already told you about Mr B's Reading Year (the Christmas present of choice for every single one of Team Sluttery), but now there's a new book club on the block and I'm very excited by it.

The Willoughby Book Club isn't just about fiction. If you'd rather cook books, there's an option for them (although no option for veggies that I can see). If you're buying presents for children, you can sign up for the kids book club. There's also a book club for couples where you'll get two of the same novel so you can read them at the same time (actually, that's a bit too twee and adorable).

You get to fill out a form telling Willoughby what kind of things you like (and perhaps more importantly what you don't like) and then wait very patiently for your books to arrive. They're reasonably priced, too. The kids clubs start at £24.99 for three months, the fiction options start at £29.99 (and an extra tenner if you want something totally bespoke) and everything comes beautifully wrapped. You can choose a twelve month option if you like what you're getting. It bugs me that there's a gender option - I don't really think gender has anything to do with what books you like to read - but I do really like the idea of Willoughby Book Club. Not least because it enhances my decision to become a mashed potato hermit for the entire winter. Hibernating is OK as long as you're reading books.


  1. There's something about autumn that makes it acceptable to stay in of a Friday night with a good book, a pie and mash supper and a big mug of hot chocolate in you comfiest jimjams!

    1. We'd agree with your there Jenni! (currently typing in jimjams with warm camomile tea in hand...)


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