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Friday 12 October 2012

The New (Full) English

I love a full English breakfast. Despite not really being an everyday breakfast person, I do like breakfast foods (no, I don't want to eat cereal the second I wake up, what's that? Croissants and Jam? I'll have seven). I'm a huge fan of an English breakfast on days when there's not really much going on. My birthday, Sundays, random days off for no reason. English breakfasts are because the weekend is being excellent and you need bacon for the sake of your health, or because you're going to have an excellent day that might involve a trip to a city farm.

It's because of that, all those reasons to celebrate the English breakfast, that I find myself drawn to a plate that's over sixty quid. It's such a fun design (and I'm loving the cigarette butt that's been stubbed out in ketchup), and I'd love to see more of them - perhaps a roast dinner, and some bowls with some apple crumble and custard in them.

You can buy the gorgeous plate from the Tectonic Plates range at The New English. I'm off in search of bacon.

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