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Monday 29 October 2012

Sluttishly Silly: Ninja Russian Dolls

You know what's annoying about Mondays? Apart from the whole Monday thing? When you come into work after carefully procrastinating  tidying your desk on Friday to find that people have messed with it. Probably messed with it looking for your nice pens so they can pilfer them. And your last stack of Post-Its. They wouldn't dare if your desk was guarded by ninjas. And with these ninja Russian dolls, you'd have the perfect task force.

I like the idea of deploying them in unexpected places - the littlest could hide in my mug for example. Ha! Try borrowing THAT! You could also give some of them a rest depending on the severity of desk messing crimes. Minor infringement? Just have two out. Or just hide them round the office to spook people out when they're least expecting it. Yeah. I am that person.

You too can have ninja based japes for £8.99 from I Want One Of Those.


  1. They'll just nick your ninjas you know...

  2. I just bought these for a friend for Xmas. Oh b*gger, must stop reading this site and get on with some work.


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