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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Teapot Tuesday: Lost Acorns

I think we've established Autumn is pretty darn cool. You can drink fancy seasonal booze, set to work on new projects and get sent glow in the dark flowers. Beat that Summer. It's also the season  when drinking tea becomes a day long occupation And what finer way to celebrate such joy than with this Lost Acorns teapot, designed by Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day and Anna Backlund.

It's huge, it's perfect for blustery winds and rosy cheek kind of days and it pulls off that delicate balance of looking comforting while still looking contemporary. And what's better, rather than pairing it with some twee acorn and squirrel decorated cups, they're pairing it with these:

Yep, black and white scalloped cups. Deliciously mismatched, they're possibly the least autumnal cups in the world. Stock up now for a season's worth of tea: the teapot costs £59 while the cups are £12 each. I hope they do a green-leafed version in time for Spring.


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