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Friday 12 October 2012

Foxy Lady

We need to talk about foxes. Because they're everywhere right now. All over the damn place. On our clothes, on our cushions and jewellery. Even hidden in our cups. Luckily, the sneaky things are actually damn cute and the motif is a welcome change from owls on everything.

It's all about the tails, isn't it? Their silly, 'look at me, I'm fabulous' tails. This orange fox mug is £10 from Anorak. Sadly there isn't any fox bedding yet. I'd be all over that like a fox in a rubbish bin.

This jumping fox brooch is ace. It's from Two Red Trees for £11 and it reminds me of this wonderful BBC clip:

I never, ever get bored of watching that snow fox.

I mentioned Sugarhill Boutique's squirrel jumper a little while ago, and their fox jumper is nearly as lovely. Not least because of the curly fox tail...


Our Go Postal friends at Howkapow are the people behind this fox cushion (not literally, unless they're watching scary films). It's £28.50.

Julia Davey likes foxes as well, but she always has been a lady of fabulous taste. This fox milk jug is £19 and available at From The Wilde.

This wildlife mobile is yummy (and a little bit Christmassy). I have no kids, so no real need for one, but I reckon it would lovely in the hallway. It's £48 and it's from Culture Label.

Obviously we need a fox dress. I'm never totally sure about wearing orange, but this looks so lovely I can't resist. And it's in the sale - just £15 from the River Island shop at ASOS. Loads of foxy sizes left, as well.

Move over owls, I've got a new obsession.


  1. Anorak do fox placemats and coasters as well! Adorable.

    1. You should definitely send them a firm email enquiring what on earth they think they're up to. No fox bedding indeed!

  2. Anorak are now doing fox bedding! :)


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