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Thursday 11 October 2012

Spooning with Hunter Gatherer

The wooden spoon is an important thing. There are three in my house, and not one of them feels like it's the right one. You do all of your mixing and stirring with your wooden spoon, and even in a drawer packed full of utensils, I bet that you always reach for the same one.

When we bake, we're usually doing it for people we love. We're doing it because it makes us happy. I bake for my friends, for the nice people in my office, for my friend's birthday. Sometimes I bake to cheer people up. We don't bake when we're pissed off (unless we're kneading bread, that's always fun). We don't bake for people we don't like. There's no 'Oh my God, you're being a total moron' cake.

That's why I think a wooden spoon is more than just a spoon. Because baking is more than just baking. We put love and care into that mixing bowl and when we don't, our cakes come out flat. I can't think of a nicer present then a personalised wooden spoon. This one is from Hunter Gatherer (and it's only £12.50), and they suggest that it's used to stir a wedding cake. I'm not usually a fan of personalised anything, but I'd buy this for someone who just enjoyed making brownies for their friends. Lots of love and care goes into making brownies for people you really like.

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