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Monday 15 October 2012

Twisted Twee Cycling Gloves

This morning was the first one where I rued not wearing gloves. It was, as they say, a wee bit nippy. It wasn't deterring all the cyclists though. I'm heartened to see that people are still doing it even though the memory of the Olympics is rapidly becoming a distant one. I did notice not many of them were wearing gloves though and then I worried about frostbite. It's Monday - my worries escalate on a ridiculous scale.
Thank goodness then that Twisted Twee have come up with handy cycling mittens. Not only do they keep your fingers warm, they also serve as a useful tool in letting the people in the cars behind you let you know which way you're turning. Handy, non?
Not a cyclist? You can wear them anyway. Mittens are always useful after all. And if you get hassled for directions then you can wave your arms around and maybe make a bit more sense than "Down this road, then left, then left again then right then left" before realising you sent them in completely the wrong direction. This happens to me a lot.

Cycling mittens come in blue or green and cost £25 from Twisted Twee.

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  1. I ALWAYS mix my left and right up, I need this. I don't have a bike, I just get lost. The only way I'll go the right way in a left/right situation is if I fight all of my natural instincts.


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