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Thursday 18 October 2012

Etsy Pick: Indira Albert iPhone Cases

I am an iPhone girl. Not a shiny new one, oh no. There's nothing wrong with my 3g (aside from the mocking that it gets in the pub) but it doesn't have a nice case. Luckily Indira Albert has a bit of a sale on.

Sausage dogs on my iPhone! Yessss!

Oooh, this elephant design is gorgeous. And the bright green would stop me looking for a black phone in a handbag with black lining. It takes bloody ages and I miss all of my calls. (Sorry, everybody who has ever called me.)

We've discussed how I feel about flamingos. They're the best of all the birds. This one is ace.

Stripes are very in this autumn. Zebras are awesome. Zebras on your phone are better.

OH MY GOD IT'S AN ANGRY HIPPO! It's not easy to beat a sausage dog and a flamingo, but angry hippo has done just that. He's going on my phone. It shall be mocked no longer. Probably.

Here's another angry hippo:

The cases are all reduced by 20% and they're around £24.95. That's cheap for an angry hippo.


  1. You have just answered my dreams - I have been looking for a nice iPhone 3G case, however many years it is I've had my iPhone 3. Black WHSmith case no more! (I'm not upgrading to a swanky new one either. If we hold out much longer we can claim it's retro)

    1. Hooray! Which will you go for? As much as I love a sausage dog, I can't resist and angry hippo.

  2. I had to go for the sausage dog. There was one design that looked like our old doberman/lab cross, which would have been nice, but I can't resist the red bandanna of the sausagey one!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my work in your lovely blog.
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