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Thursday 25 October 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Think Boutique

As much as I want to be certain that my clothes are ethical and the fabrics organic and Fair Trade, I don't really have much money and some brands run into the hundreds. Ethical clothing that's as gorgeous as it is affordable is a difficult balancing act. One that Think Boutique are definitely getting right at the moment. Obviously I'm nuts about the dresses (and I also think it's their strongest area).

They're not exactly cheap as chips, but they're not totally out of my price range. That mustard Nancy Dee dress is £79, the floral House of Bilmoria Dress is £80. (Terrifying Death Stare instructions not included.)

Oooh, hello green silk blouse dress. You're pretty. And only £60, some of nearly all of the dresses in Oasis are more expensive than that.

Thumbs up for the sale section - this slinky lady with excellent hair is in a Nancy Dee minidress that's down from £75 to £38.

And this floral dress by Antiform might be my favourite - down from £75 to £35. I'm liking the cutof Think Boutique's cloth. They've got some excellent brands, and a little bit of digging can find some bargains that are as ethical as they are pretty.


  1. Always, always nothing bigger than a 16. What's an ethical, stylish larger woman to do? *gumble grumble*

    Sorry. They're all very pretty and lovely, just feeling a little dowdy and left out of the pretty clothes.

    1. You're right. Some of the stuff is recycled from old clothes as well - there's no reason why it couldn't be made from pieces above a size 16.

      I am going to do my very best to find an ethical range that goes above a size 16. In the UK. That's affordable. *wimpers*

  2. That yellow dress is to DIE FOR!

    PWF, I know what you mean - as a very, very tall woman I've crossed most of the high street off my list. Still, it makes the shops I can walk into and feel like a goddess that extra bit special x


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