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Thursday 18 October 2012

Cool or Creepy? Rachel Boston's Insect Jewellery

Rachel Boston's jewellery has wowed me this morning. Stag beetles, scorpions, creepy insect legs. It's all a little bit Comfort Station meets Temple of Doom. After being initially creeped out, I actually really love these pieces.

Rachel studied at Central St Martins, and now works in her east London workshop, where she makes casts from all sorts of creepy crawly parts - this bracelet is cast from scorpion stings. Scorpion stings! That's ace.

"What unusual earrings!"
"Yes, they're cast from the legs of a dead beetle."

That's absolutely a conversation I want to have with my gran over Christmas.

This knuckle duster ring is my favourite. I think it looks better in silver (I tend to, and it's cheaper), the way the mandible rests across the fingers is pretty fabulous. This jewellery range is tough, but it's elegant as well. I like that.

Prices vary depending on how much casting detail has gone into them - the mandible ring is pretty reasonable at £137.50, the scorpion necklace is £700. I adore this range, but I know some of you will hate it, so tell me in the comments: is Rachel Boston's jewellery cool or creepy?


  1. Very very cool! This is going on my wishlist!

    1. My too! I think the mandible ring is my favourite piece.


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