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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Top Ten Potato Recipes

It's been a long month, involving late nights and early mornings, too much time in the pub, house hunting and a fight with a bookshelf and a very cute kitten. Dinner has been mainly takeaway-based and I'm in dire need of a proper meal. When I get run down, the only thing that will cheer me and make the day better is potato. It might be a humble thing, but it makes life better. The way to my heart when I've had a totally crapsticks day is to feed me potatoes. Luckily, we've got loads of potato recipes. Here are our top ten carb-fests.

Tartiflette. It's the most perfect meal in the entire world. And it's fun to say.

Perfect potato salad. It's one of the best salads there is and needs to be on our tables all year 'round rather than just at picnics.

Black garlic potato wedges. Trust us, black garlic is a thing of wonder.

Spanish tortilla tarts. Like cupcakes, but shedloads better because of all the sexy carbs.

Spicy baby potatoes. This is a 'bugger dinner, when's Made in Chelsea on?' kind of recipe.

Gnocchi. This recipe is gluten free, because Caleigh is a genius. And here's a non-GF gnocchi recipe.

Sweet potato fries. OK, they're not strictly spuds, but just look at those tasty fries. Sometimes we make sweet potato rosti as well.

Smoked mackerel and potato dauphinoise. This. In my face. Right now. Or this. I'm not fussy about potato slices covered in cream.

Jansson's Temptation. It's like a dauphinoise turned up to eleven.

Stuffed paratha. Double-carbing makes people happy. FACT.

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  1. Whoa! Look how versatile the humble spud is. Yum.

    1. There are so many recipes from other countries as well - we go to Frances, Italy and Spain in one post.

  2. Potatoes are THE most versatile vegetable ever, and I love them!

    1. They're my favourite carb in the entire world.

  3. And this is why potatoes are my favourite. Carbs rule.

    Glad I've just put a pot of mash on whilst eying these gems too!

    1. They're the best. I want all of these things this weekend.


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