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Thursday 25 October 2012

Folksy Find: Maxemilia

What's under your pillow? That's the question this Maxemilia range of pillowcases ask. They're designed by British designer Emily Mackey. You could make like a Bond girl and have a Colt 45 under your pillow.

Or spiders under your pillow! Apparently we eat around eight spiders a year in our sleep. Good luck getting to sleep with that little thought in your head.

Books under the pillow, that's much nicer. (You're reading our Sluttery Book Club choice, aren't you?)

Or maybe you leave teeth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Each tooth was worth 50p when I was a kid. How much are they worth now? have we bankrupted the Tooth Fairy?

The embroidered pillowcases are £25 (each, I know) and made from white organic cotton. I'd love to see the range expand into other soft furnishings.

So, what's under your pillow?

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