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Thursday 18 October 2012

The Just Desserts Round Up: Cheesecake

It's time to round up your contributions to our Just Desserts club, and your cheesecake recipes have been inspired. Your flavour combinations have been incredible, you amazing bunch.

First up is Edinburgh Eats, who made Snickers cheesecake loaf. It's not as overwhelmingly sweet as you'd think, thanks to its salted peanut topping. The unusual loaf shape and tempting flavours will convert even your most cheesecake averse friends.

Over at Under A Glass Sky, Emily's only bloody made sloe gin cheesecake. I know! It's everything we love most, all at once.

High Tea Cast excelled themselves again with a double whammy of cheesecake goodness. Strawberry and stem ginger cheesecake in a bowl looks like a guilty pleasure but is actually low fat - just five pro points for those of you on Weightwatchers. And mint chocolate cheesecake (pictured) is, rather brilliantly, made with mint Aeros.

More strawberries from Amy Elizabeth, who didn't need to point out that strawberry and caramel cheesecake will be yummy. We're drooling over this recipe.

Our Hazel made these beautiful smoked rum and ginger cheesecakes over on her blog. Tea infused with rum sounds perfect in cocktails on a cold autumnal evening too.

We got involved with some no-cheese lemon cheesecake - witchcraft, I tell you - and a gluten-free recipe. We've shown you loads of cheesecake recipes over the years, from cheesecake brownies to hot cross baked cheesecake to savoury Stilton cheesecake (sounds like madness, actually works).

Our next theme is CINNAMON! Give your baking a Christmassy flavour, or add a whole stick to a custard pudding, mousse or favourite mulled drink. We'll do the round-up on 13 December. Want to get involved? Check out the Just Desserts guidelines and link back to this post to spread the word about Just Desserts. Let us know when you've posted your recipe so we can share it, and use the hashtag #JustDesserts on Twitter so we can tweet it. We can't wait to see what your creative brains come up with.


  1. SLOE GIN!

    Gosh, all of these recipes are bloody wonderful.

  2. I want ALL OF THESE, amazing!

  3. SLOE GIN CHEESECAKE?! Oh my god. I just weed my pants.

  4. The boyf is SO excited that next month is cinnamon. It's his absolute favourite flavour.


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