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Friday 19 October 2012

Luna & Curious and Jane Howarth

Taxidermy is having a bit of a moment. The Riding House Cafe - AKA my favourite restaurant/cafe/bar thing in London - have squirrels on their sconces, Alex Monroe has adorned his new SE1 studio with unusual pieces and I just keep seeing it pop up all over the place. The only problem? Well, I don't want any in my house. The eyes are too beady.

But I do really like the Jane Howarth collaboration with Luna & Curious. Jane is actually a taxidermy artist and collector, but her homewares with L&C strip the idea of stuffed dead animals (sorry, were you eating lunch?) right back to create really interesting soft furnishings.

I think the mismatching really works. Taxidermy and comfy cushions really don't go together. That's exactly why I like this range. Beady eyes are fine on cushions.

But the cushions are eighty quid each. Luckily (because I'm not a rich, eccentric billionaire), there are some gorgeous roast dinner napkins at £8.50 for four.

I might like looking at taxidermy, but when it comes to my own interiors, I definitely prefer it a little watered down.

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