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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Sluttery by Post: Kopi Coffee Club

I feel like I'm running on caffeine at the moment (well, that and caramel Tunnock's bars). I can only blame my sleepiness on my decision to watch every single episode of Alias again. There are probably better things to be doing at 2am than being amazed by the CIA's total reliance on Jennifer Garner in a shit wig.

When I'm really tired, I switch from tea to coffee. Tea soothes me, but when I'm feeling like a zombie, it won't wake me up. Good coffee will do the trick. I've already got excited about the coffee postal service Bean & Ground, but every single coffee-lover I know is going nuts for Kopi - 'coffee's best kept secret'.

It's as simple as you'd expect: you pick which plan you'd like, (three, six or twelve months) and Kopi send you a coffee package. While Bean & Ground will send you three little bags, Kopi send you one 250g bag (along with the usual tasting notes and information about what you're drinking). The three month subscription works out at £8.45 a month, which is very reasonably but you can purchase individual bags from buy from Kopi if you fancy testing them out before you commit to a monthly package.

I promise not to drink three cups before bedtime and stay up watching more Alias.


  1. Gah, there was me thinking you we're going to bring a little bit of Singapore to dreary wintery Scotland in the form of Kopi ( Nae luck, shame that Kopi don't seem to sell kopi!

  2. I've been with Kopi for over a year now, I think! I LOVE it! It's the best coffee I've ever had and totally worth the £9. My husband and I have filter coffee on the weekends only, and this is our little treat for those times.

    1. It's a very popular choice, yet I feel like coffee lovers have been keeping it secret for ages.

  3. Thanks for the kind review and comments everyone. We're just over a year old now and couldn't have asked for better members. @littleMacaroon - we don't sell "kopi luwak" as it is over-priced, over-hyped, and not better than the coffees we promote. The idea behind Kopi was always to unearth outstanding coffees that are fairly priced. Hope that helps!


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