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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Hallowe'en Edition

It's not easy to find spooky wallpapers - after all, you want them to look good all year 'round, not just until your scary film marathon has finished (I'm going for both Descent films, Arachnophobia and The Omen, and apparently no sleep whatsoever). Here's a roundup of the very best creepy wallpapers.

Barbara Hulanicki is the go-to creepy wallpaper lady (that couldn't be more of a compliment). Her skulls wallpaper design is completely gorgeous and not badly priced at £60 a roll.

Let's not forget about her Diablo design. Thumbs up to creepy crows. It's the only time I've ever approved of flocked wallpaper.

And Maleficent! This design is fabulous. Who wouldn't want evil Disney queens on their walls? You can buy all of those designs from Graham & Brown.

This just looks like leaves, doesn't it? But leaves aren't scary, Sian! This is rubbish! But look closely, look at all of the creepy bugs. Creepy it might be, but I'm struggling to work out exactly what room it would work in. It's by Charlotte Rose Harris and it's £75 a roll from Wall Library.

That's not the only creepy bug wallpaper around. How about Dupenny's Irrational Fear wallpaper? And Barneby Gates have bugs hidden in their pretty butterfly wallpaper as well.

Emma Molony's Beastly Chronicles wallpaper uses creepy stories as its inspiration. It's not quite hide-behind-the-pillow scary, but it's a beautiful design. I especially like depiction of the Storyteller chasing the little horribly good girl.

More skulls! This time from Meg Mathews (yes, that one). It's £89 a roll, but unfortunately, these are now only available in store in Liberty.

Some people might not find tiny balancing chairs creepy, but they really are. There's something a little bit haunted house about this Barneby Gates chairs wallpaper. If you're absolutely fine with that you're batshit crazy then you can buy this from Rockett St George for £78 a roll. But I won't be coming over for my tea.

Elli Popp's Skeletons in the Closet wallpaper is creepy, no two ways about it. Unless you think the bones of a dismembered body just floating about your walls is entirely normal? No? Good. You can buy this design from Garrendenny Lane for £199 a roll. The paper from Melissa Bracconnier that I featured yesterday is similar.

Lastly, here's a creepy offering from Glasgow's favourite design duo Timourous Beasties. Bugs, birds, iguanas, and erm... pineapples. I love it. Sadly, the price is as scary as the design - it's £66 a metre. But this design will probably last a lot longer than the Hallowe'en candy that you bought for trick or treaters but secretly plan on eating yourself.


  1. Wow I LOVE the Skeletons in the Closet design, definitely on the walls in my fantasy abode!

    1. I think the Emma Molony one wins for me!

  2. Dammit. How do you know that last thing about all the mini-bags of maltesers I bought?

    1. Because I've done the same thing. It was my breakfast.

    2. STOP TELLING EVERYONE! It's supposed to be secret!

    3. Everyone's doing it. Everyone knows.

  3. 'Batshit crazy' made me laugh more than anything else has today. Thank you!

    1. Isn't there a bit in The Omen where the scary kid balances chairs on tables? It's creepy.


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