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Monday 22 October 2012

Top Ten Vegetarian Recipes

I am in dire need of vegetables. The good ones. The green ones with all of the vitamins. The ones that will eradicate the after effects of Kat's 30th birthday party this weekend (we played Mario Kart and drank too many of these). We have so many vegetarian recipes (here are our top ten potato recipes), so I've rounded up our very best. If I work my way through them, I might be feeling on top form by the end of the week. I've already rounded up the top ten potato recipes.

Cauliflower poppers. This is our most popular vegetarian recipe. Just make sure you open a window before you start cooking.

Buddha Bowls. Huge bowls of tasty stews, there's nothing better in autumn. The same goes for harira and our rajma kidney bean curry.

Baked onion rings. You need to make these immediately. And then you can put them with this...

Mayonnaise. You can dip the cauliflower poppers in this as well.

Guacamole. Our favourite dippy thing. Serve it with our black bean tacos or smokey mole sauce.

Cheesy beet gratin. Everything is made better with a shedload of melted cheese thrown in.

Courgette fries. They're one of our favourites. They don't taste quite like Byron's, but it's a very close second.

Braised red cabbage. It's basically autumn in a bowl and once you've made it, it'll be on your plate every week.

Roasted vegetable couscous. Couscous and roasted vegetables is a simple and tasty mid-week meal.

Vegetable biryani. The veggie equivalent of wrapping yourself up in a Slanket. You should probably eat it while wrapped up in a Slanket.

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