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Monday 29 October 2012

Top Ten Pumpkin and Squash recipes

Pumpkins have got some seriously good PR going on at the minute. They're everywhere right now. Once upon a time, the closest we'd got to giving a damn about pumpkins was in a Starbucks red cup (it's nearly red cup time, yessssss). Now we can't get enough of the things. So, here's a collection of our best pumpkin recipes so you can get carving your Jack-o-lanterns and make something tasty for tea with the leftovers on Halloween. And there are some squash recipes thrown in for good measure as well.

Pumpkin Pie. You can have a pumpkin recipe compilation without putting pumpkin pie at the top of it.

Pumpkin and ginger cake. This is like a massive slice of autumn.

Pumpkin ice cream. This is basically an ice cream version of pumpkin pie. That's very brilliant indeed.

Honey spiced pumpkin soup. Look, we're just going to live on soup until mid-March, OK? Maybe we'll make butternut squash soup instead?

Pumpkin risotto. Pumpkin is absolutely one of the best sweet/savoury ingredients. Or you could go for our squash and goats' cheese risotto instead.

Stuffed butternut squash. Sometimes the answer to dinner it to take something tasty and stuff it with something even more tasty. Look, we do it with courgettes as well.

Butternut squash and chilli dip. Excuse us, we're off to smear this over a massive loaf of bread.

Squash, mushroom and chickpea roast. Mix everything up, roast, be happy.

Pumpkin martini. Don't make on of these until you've finished your carving, otherwise the lines will be wobbly.

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  1. Delia's Roast Pumpkin soup is rather good as well. I made it the other week.


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