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Thursday 18 October 2012

Modern Heritage tweed by Oasis

I have a bit of a thing for tweed. It looks expensive when it's not really (H&M, keep doing your autumn thing, it's consistently fabulous), it makes me look smart when I'm not and perhaps most important of all, it's warm. We're in 'what the hell kind of weather is this?' season and I plan on being wrapped up in tweed for the foreseeable.

The Modern Heritage range from Oasis is really special. It's produced exclusively by Yorkshire Mill Abraham Moon & Sons. They turn 175 this year, and the entire range was made in England. That tweed riding jacket is so perfectly cut. It's £120.

Elbow patches are cool. Let's not argue.

Oh, I've been having a love affair with these scalloped shorts for such a long time. Shorts in autumn aren't an easy look to pull off. They're £55.

The tweed dress has scallops as well! And a cute little cut away at the back. Yep, this is my favourite piece. It's not easy to make tweed look sexy. It's £89 and it's going on my 'buy this for my birthday, please' list.


  1. I always love oasis dresses but they are ALWAYS too short! Just once, knee length? Please?! Yes I know I sound old!

    1. Their skirts are always knee-length - not sure why they don't do dresses a little longer.


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