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Friday 19 October 2012

Sluttery Sales Spy

Welcome to our weekly sales round-up! I've hunted down the best bargains around so that all you have to do is reach for your handbag, open your purse, and mindlessly type in your credit card number. You can even have a cup of tea and a slice of cake while you shop. In fact, it's positively encouraged.


Leaf dress, £53 (was £179), Damsel In A Dress

STAR BUY! She looks lovely, doesn't she? That's because she's wearing £179-worth of pure silk, lined with soft jersey, all now reduced to £53. Mathematically-minded Sluts will have already worked out that this is a saving of £126. Less mathematically-minded Sluts: take my word for it. This is a proper bargain. Get thee to Damsel In A Dress immediately. 

Scenic pleated dress, £35 (was £65), Oasis

BEST OF THE REST: This ever-so-pretty frock from Oasis is too short for me, but I love it. Come on - it's got pleats, a belt, and some kind of picture-postcard print. It's a winner, and it's got 30 quid off. Whee!

Calling all pregnant ladies! ASOS have a great selection of maternity dresses in their sale at the moment. Stock up for the Christmas party season (unless you're going to pop before then!) - but in the meantime, dress your bump for autumn in this ASOS Maternity floral print tulip dress, now £24.50 instead of £35. 


Halle bag in berry, £65 (was £130), Ollie & Nic

STAR BUY! Real leather? Perfectly autumnal berry tones? Bit of touchy-feely suede? Straps galore? HALF PRICE? Oh, with this Halle bag you are really spoiling us, Ollie & Nic. It's also available in very chic black and tan.

Pepe Jeans Diyi bag, £44 (was £65), ASOS

BEST OF THE REST: I've been looking for a casual bag that I can chuck around without being haunted evermore by the sound of expensive leather scraping against brick walls. This Pepe Jeans bag from ASOS is just the ticket - roomy enough for travelling, or lugging around laptops-slash-iPads-slash-your entire life.

At the smarter end of the spectrum, the same could be said for this green zip-front tote bag from Oasis. It's pretty, practical, and more importantly, extremely green - and it's just £25, reduced from £45.


Edge To Edge shoes in teal, £15 (was £55), Office

STAR BUY! Does there exist a finer shoe combination than suede, patent leather, GOLD, and teal? Yes. Add a T-bar and we're basically straying into perfection territory. And, um, they're £15, guys! You're going to have to hurry if you want to get your feet in these little Office beauties - there are limited sizes left in stock. No, go on without me. I'll only hold you back. 

Carvela Amelia heels in red, £59 (was £120), Kurt Geiger

BEST OF THE REST: Much as I like these corally-red Amelia heels from Kurt Geiger, I might have to save up and pay full price for the GLITTERY ones instead.

Ooh, I do like a bow on the back of my heels. These black leather platforms from Dorothy Perkins will go with a ton of dresses, and they're £35 down from £65. Also, if you're quick, there's an extra 15% deducted when you check out. Ace. 


Condensé duvet cover set, £12.49 (was £24.99), H&M 

STAR BUY! Oh, yes please. I could just see this in my guest bedroom, IF I HAD A BLOODY GUEST BEDROOM. However, I do own a blow-up bed, and I'm going to buy this Frenchie-style duvet set from H&M to make sure it's the best-dressed blow-up bed in town. Sadly, it only comes in single size, which is the reason I'm not suggesting you buy it for your own boudoir. Steer clear of the pink version, unless you're French Katie Price Barbie (one of the lesser-known niche Barbies).

Let's Run Away Forest print by Leah Flores, £24 (was £30), Fab UK

BEST OF THE REST: I know six quid off doesn't seem like much of a mind-blowing bargain, but the thing about these Leah Flores prints is that they're usually quite difficult to come by this side of the pond. This Fab UK sale ends in a couple of days, so move fast if you want to own one of these adventuresome artworks

Over at Anthropologie, their sale offers us a number of bargainous chairs at just £1,299 each. Sigh. They do have some lovely knobs, though (OH, DO BEHAVE). This burnished beetle knob is £4.95, down from £10. That means I can actually afford to buy two of them! No more mismatched knobs. (Seriously. Stop it now.)

So, has anyone bought anything amazing in the sales this week? Is there somewhere we should be checking out pronto? Let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to check out your recommendations before next week's sales round-up. I can't guarantee I won't buy all the bargains before then, though...

All prices and availability correct at time of writing. 


  1. Oh my! So many pretty things! And I've just started compiling my Christmas List. How convenient

  2. Republic have got some ace stuff in their sale at the mo (although you might have to trawl through some Romford market reject crap to find it)

  3. I really want those Office shoes. And the Oasis dress. And oh GOD where has all of my money gone?

  4. Last week I discovered 'Here for a day' I bought 3 Irregular Choice bags at an immense discount! I now check the site EVERY day... Christmas shopping has begun!

  5. Oh God Oh God Oh God those teal shoes have to be mine. And the Halle Berry (teehee!) bag. This is cracking - I can't wait for next week's installment (my bank balance, on the other hand...)

  6. So those teal shoes? Yeah. Those are mine, now.


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