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Friday 12 October 2012

Chase Rhubarb Vodka

It's Friday afternoon and I'm partaking in a little drink at my desk (I highly recommend you do the same). The booze fairy had been this morning and I arrived to the office to find a bottle of Chase Distillery rhubarb vodka on my desk. Since it's limited edition, and you need to hurry if you're going to get a bottle, it was only right that I cracked it open quick smart.

I'm not exactly a stranger to rhubarb drinks. Actually, I've made my own rhubarb and custard vodka (although I'm not sure what Chase's fine distillery would make of my DIY booze skills). I am a huge rhubarb fan in anything, really. Chase have already proved they're a dab hand with their limited editions (I'm drinking bottle 529 of 2000) - their marmalade vodka was so successful that it's now a permanent fixture in their range.

The glorious salmon pink colour of this vodka makes it a very lovely thing to drink (I've only had two funny looks this afternoon). It's incredibly sweet, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It'll work perfectly with a sharp tonic water. I want to do wonderful things with a blender and the booze custard that Kat fed me, but it does need something sharp to go with it.

That said, I do prefer the marmalade variety. I think it depends how you like your vodka. I'm more likely to whip up a marmalade martini than I am to drink it long with ice and tonic. I think they're both fabulous drinks (and at 40%, not a tipple to be taken without some sort of mixer), but I think it's likely you'll prefer one over the other. Either way, you'll tipsy and very happy, with a fabulous scent of stewed fruit.

Want some? The cheapest bottle I've found is at The Whiskey Exchange for £33.95.


  1. £3.95? That's cheap!

    1. You've got it wrong. That's £33.95, not £3.95.

    2. No, it was my fault - there was a typo which has been edited now.

  2. Haha! Whoops. If only. But there is a half litre bottle for around £15 - that's cheap. Especially if you fancy trying this and the marmalade one.

  3. I and my friends are getting through our 6th bottle of this. It's been popular :)


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